Sunday, November 22, 2015

Color My Heart Color Dare #169

I decided to enter the Color My Heart Color Dare for the first time this week. This is a weekly challenge making a piece of artwork using Close to my Heart's featured colors. This week's challenge was to use White Daisy on top of White Daisy and with a black sentiment.

It just so happened that we are buried in snow out here in Manitoba so I had a lot of inspiration. Here is my project.

I used our Simple Memories Stamp set and stamped it over the page using our Versamark Ink Pad. Then I heated the images with our White embossing powder to make it pop. I cut the snowflake from our Cricut Artbooking cartridge and the trees and circle are from Art Philosophy. The sentiment is from our Flakey Friends stamp set.

Supply List: (all these supplies can be purchased here.)
Simple Memories Stamp Set: discontinued
Flakey Friends Stamp Set: discontinued
White Embossing Powder: 6.95$
Craft Heater: 41.50$
White Shimmer Trim: 5.95$
White Daisy Cardstock (pack of 24): 11.25$
Black Ink Pad: 8.25$

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Creative Live Broadcast Featuring Close to my Heart. In review.

This weekend November 20th and 21st Close to my Heart teamed up with Creative Live to create a two day live broadcast of our products and tips, tricks and techniques on how to play and create with them. It was a great opportunity to craft alongside them and grow in inspiration! I just soaked it up! It was fantastic. There was also great prizes to be won if you followed along with social media. The whole show is now available to view HERE. Here is my quick review of what was all done:

1. Class Introduction and Explaining Profiles.

Just a quick explanation of what Close to my Heart was and the fantastic different ways a person can paper craft. We were introduced to two fantastic ladies from the Home Office: Monica Wihongi and Jill Broadbent. Amazing ladies!

2. Stamping Profile.

Since Close to my Heart is mostly known as a stamping company this is what we started with. Jill explained how our stamps work and gave many great tips and techniques while making tiny little 3x3 cards. I didn't have the stamp sets she had so I used some from my own collection. One great tip that I am excited about is that she seasons her new stamps on her arm instead of always stamping it a million and two times on scrap paper. Of course you can do that too! Seasoning stamps helps so that the image comes clear on the page. Apparently rubbing the stamp on your arm uses your natural body oil to take off some of the stickiness and remove the bubbles.

She showed various easy techniques and tips. She explained the generational inking. Which means a 1st generation is the image you would create from first inking your stamp, 2nd generation is the second time you would stamp an image WITHOUT re-inking your stamp. And so on and so forth. In this mini card I used a 2nd generation inked image on a flower base stamp that way when I stamped the outline in 1st generation it is clearer, darker but the same color.

She also explained the "Rock & Roll" technique where you put a lighter color of ink on a stamp and then before stamping you roll the image in a darker or different color to make a colorful image like I did for this butterfly. 

She also explained a few more techniques like masking which is where you can cover a part of the stamp so that when you stamp the image you only get part of the phrase or picture. All of these are basic and useful ways to use your stamps. It was nothing new to me but I remember when I was a new consultant five years ago I was very excited to learn all the ways I could play with my new stamps. So make sure you check out the video!

3. Card Maker Profile.

She then moved on to work on two beautiful cards which you can get the recipe for here.  They were created using our beautiful glitter paper, our cricut cartridges, some fundamentals, some sequins, all sorts! You should definitely check it out. She reminded us again that you can buy card bases with envelops in both colonial white and white daisy. Packs of 50 for only 17.75$, which makes it so easy to create fast and beautiful cards. We also have the cut above cards which are all pre-cut and ready to be assembled. I personally don't make a lot of cards but just started to get into the mood for them. I was inspired by all the artwork in this entire broadcast. Just such beautiful work.

4. Stacy Julian: Why Stories are important.

We got a great visit by the famous and talented Stacy Julian to explain to use the art of story telling. All lot of people often are scared to start scrapbooking because it just seems so overwhelming. There are just so many pictures and they are often worried about how much they will have to do, especially when their kids are all grown up. Stacy says no you don't HAVE to scrapbook all that. She said you just got to start SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE. And showed that instead of worrying about all these baby books you will have to do for your kids she just made one page of one picture of her four kids as a baby and a quick write up of their birth stats and there: DONE. No more stressing about baby books. Another quote from her that was very inspiring is: "It's better to have stories without pictures than pictures without stories." LOVE that!

5. Decorative Scrapbooker Profile.

This was my section! I am that scrapbooker profile. I just LOVE it. I've been doing it almost 11 years now and the growth I've had in this hobby is incredible and I owe it to Close to my Heart <3. Monica showed us a beautiful layout she created and encouraged us to do it along with her. She used a variety of beautiful stamp sets and inks and flowers and images cut from the Artistry Cricut Cartridge. I decided to make the pages along with her and had a blast doing it! She showed how to ink all the flowers using a distressing technique and all sorts. Here is my take on the sketch:

 I absolutely love this page and am very happy I followed along with Monica as she did the right page in front of the camera. The recipe and cricut shapes can be found here. Of course I used different stamp sets and embellishments because I used what I had.

6. Studio J Scrapbooker Profile.

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to this section because I am a decorative scrapbooker not an online scrapbooker. I just love to hold materials in my hands and turn it into art. But surprisingly I learned that Studio J had many features I haven't thought of. Creating images on there that you can then print and add to your pages, creating photo cards, which are great to give out to family & friends for the holidays, making those scrapbook pages on there and there and adding your embellishments by hand after, allowing you to blow up and edit your pictures and not pay an arm and a leg for them. I was honestly going to skip this section but found myself intrigued with the possibilities. Something to think about.

7. Paper Crafter Profile.

I missed a bit of this section because my baby needed a bit of attention but this section was very intriguing! They showed home decor, gift ideas, mini books, the base & bling line, soooo many things. Such BEAUTIFUL artwork. There is just so many possibilities with Close to my Heart. I am super excited now to order some of these things and test it out and make beautiful projects to give as gifts. I know my Mom would have especially loved this section. In fact in every Idea Book I mostly ignore this section when showing to my customers because it wasn't something I was familiar with and WAY out of my comfort zone. Especially the base & bling because I am not a bling person. I wear my wedding rings and a cross necklace at all times and that's it. Not even make-up. 

So this section really helped me to think outside my comfort zone and think of the possibilities of engaging a whole new type of customers. I am really excited about this. 

8. Pocket Scrapbooker Profile.

Once again this is not something I do often because I really enjoy making my pages from scratch but I do still order these decks and use them on my 12x12 pages. They did explain that as well and also showed a demo how you can make a quick card in just minutes. I love that idea. Once again it was very inspiring. They also showed our tiny instalife books and how fun it is to create and give as gifts. 

They finished off by showing our AMAZING new planner that will be ready to sell December 1st. I AM SO EXCITED. Its more than just  a planner too, we will  be selling pocket pages to go in it, My Crush pages (those are our version of Smash Book pages), and the actually planner pages. There is a roller stamp to coordinate with it stickers, washi tape, all sorts! The way they created this planner gives something for everyone and will be in just in time for the holidays and will make GREAT gifts! Then they announced 5 winners and guess what? I WON! I am just so excited you have no idea. To see a video of our awesome new planners click here.

9. Social Media Update with Q & A.

Some great questions were answered in this section. I can't really remember what they were but I remember they were good questions lol.

10. Fundamental Scrapbooker Profile.

In this section you were able to follow along with Monica as she easily assembled a quick two page layout featuring our fundamentals line. Fundamentals can be easily used as they don't require too much embellishing. These are our papers that have one side a glossy resistant pattern and the other side has the color and white pattern. I just started experimenting with it myself as I didn't think it was my style but sometimes bright colors are needed in a layout. I absolutely LOVE the assortment packs though!

11. Create Using Cricut Cartridges & 12. Close to my Heart Cricut Cartridges.

Day 2 started off with the Cricut and the cartridges sold by Close to my Heart. Jill took the time to go over what we offer with our packs. I personally own 3 of our 5 cartridges and quite honestly sometimes forget to use them lol. This was a great reminder of all the possibilities and images we have to offer. I need to explore mine a lot more! I loved this section today and was glued to the screen, of course I had to go run and grab my little books and check out what I can all do. Now I am even more inspired if that is even possible. She showed a quick simple layout that could easily be done. I decided to take my time and check out what images would suit my pictures and theme. Here is my take:

I really enjoyed making this page from the new Artistry Cartridge. Thanks CTMH for the reminder to expand on all the possibilities.

13. The New Consultant Kit.

The new consultant kit is fabulous and will be available starting December 1st. They put in some GREAT tools, anything you would need to start your business. Even double of some things. Its a great start up price and there really isn't anything else you would need to purchase right off the bat. Starting December you should check it out. To find out how you can sign up and be a consultant and join my team click here.

14. Consultant Party Planning Basics & 15.Consultant  Event Basics

I never had so many ideas hit me at once than I did in this section. Wow. It was just amazing. Michelle Snyder is insane. You definitely need to go see this section. I am so excited now to host a party, any party lol. Sooooooo many ideas I don't even know what to start with or say. Just go watch! This lady made everything look so simple, beautiful and fun. The colors... I just... no words...

From Michelle: Four Simple Steps to Planning a P-A-R-T-Y to remember:
1. Choose a theme
2. Choose the key elements
3. Consider the guest experience
4. Keep the budget in mind

"A theme can come from anything. We're looking for points of inspiration." -Michelle Snyder

16. Card Making Workshop.

Using a fundamental pack she showed us how we can make 50 simple cards. Cards that can coordinate with the party decorations and theme. She also showed us how she likes to create a focal point by making lines around a square with her journaling pen. I liked that idea and used it in my Cricut layout (Above). Amazing and simple cards.

17. Home Gathering Demo.

Kristina Livingstone joined us and showed us how to make a successful home gathering. She started by walking us through the Idea Book and finished off with a little project, Q&As and asking everyone to fill out an easy form for feedback and more questions. The form is provided by Close to my Heart on their online office. It was very informative, especially for a new consultant and can give you the courage to host your own gathering.

3 Home Gathering tips from our Kristina Livingstone:
1. Encourage your hostess to invite everyone and anyone
2. Use the Consultant Kit
3. You just have to try!

20. Connecting with Community through Social Media.

Social Media is constantly evolving. We need to keep up and spread the word about our products and opportunities. Just as I am now in my blog. :) You never know who might stumble upon your artwork and stuff and become interested in learning more.

19. Consultant Highlights with CTMH Consultants Karen, Michelle & Kristina.

They answered some questions about the joys of being a consultant :). After they were done we got on Skype with Brian Holman. He shared his story and announced another 5 winners of the new planner.

18. Consultant Opportunities & 21. Close to my Heart Events.

I loved these sections explaining all the benefits of being a hard working consultant. You can win incentive trips where you get pampered for all your hard work. I would love that. My goal is to get the incentive trip for the first time within the next 3 years. That would just be a dream come true and a great reward for all the hard (but fun) work. They also explained many of their great events they do year round, album retreats, workshops and their annual Convention which I really REALLY want to go to this year. I would be getting my 5 year reward and would love to get it in person! 

In General.

This was a fun and inspiring event that I am glad I got to take part in. I think anyone interested in crafting NEEDS to see this broadcast. Or at least parts of it. I loved it and hope Close to my Heart and Creative Live decide to team up together again and do another one next year. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Yesterday morning I received Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's special 10th Anniversary Edition in the mail. With it came a special little Goody Pack from Elle's Studio. 

I was so excited I just had to make a layout using some of these pieces. Here it is:

I was feeling quite creative this evening and am quite pleased with the result. I used liquid glass, inks and all sorts! Check out these close ups.

CTMH Products used: All can be purchased here.
Sonoma Paper Pack: discontinued.
Artistry Cricut Cartridge: 117.75$
Purple Sparkle Gems: discontinued.
Eggplant Ink: 8.25$
New England Ivy Ink: 8.25$
Journaling Pen: 3.75$
Liquid Glass: 8.25$
3D Foam Tape: 6.95$
Eggplant Cardstock (pack of 24): 17.25$

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CTMH Featured Products Blog Hop #1

Hello and welcome to our CTMH Featured Products Blog Hop. This week our featured product is the fabulous Fundamental Assortments.

I am the only one doing it this week as I didn't give much notice to people when starting the group lol! But I had fun making a project to start this off!

I used the Peacock and Pomegranate Fundamental Assortments on this two page layout which complemented the papers from the Enchantment Fundamental Paper pack. I had fun making this simple layout and loved using the colors to somewhat match the big slide. Here is a couple of close up shots of the Fundamental Assortment pieces:


Supply List:
Enchantment Fundamental Paper Pack: 23.75$
Peacock Fundamental Assortment: 11.75$
Pomegranate Fundamental Assortment: 11.75$
Fundamental Stickers Enchantment pack: 8.25$
White daisy Cardstock
Additional supplies: Thickers stickers for title


Check out our deal of the month and get all these supplies! (With exception to the pomegranate fundamental assortment and the thickers stickers)

Thank you for checking out my project. If you would like to purchase our featured product of the week or any additional supplies you can buy them here. If you enjoyed my project please comment below as we love feedback!

See you on Wednesday December 2nd as we will be featuring the Gold & Silver Foil Tape! And there will be more people joining me! I promise lol! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Cross Canada Blog Hop - Prepare for Christmas

Welcome to our November Blog Hop featuring how we Prepare for Christmas.To purchase any of the items seen in our blog hop today contact your local consultant to place an order.

We hope that you will take the time to leave comments on our posts, as we love to get feedback from our viewers... whether it was something that you really liked or some new technique that was used that you would like to learn how to do... by leaving us comments we get to hear what you like, and what you want to see. Thank you... now on to our hop!

If you have just hopped onto my blog, you can start here as this is a circular hop, but if you want to follow us across Canada then please start at the beginning and join Michelle at My Creations with Michelle. If you came from Donna of Dats My Style then you are at the right place!

Okay on to my project! To prepare for Christmas every year the first thing I do is set up my Christmas Tree (usually on November 1st). I absolutely love Christmas - the lights, the decorations, the food, the family, the movies, Jesus' story, the fellowship, the snow, the gifts, the coziest, the magic - EVERYTHING. Every Christmas in my house we have a tradition that every member of the family gets to choose an ornament that represents them for the year. My girls are still too young to choose so I chose for them. Also, if I go on a trip anywhere I always make sure to purchase an ornament. Then I take pictures of the ornaments and scrapbook them for that year. I just love preserving memories! It's nice to unwrap the ornaments every year and just REMEMBER.

This year is my daughter Aliyah's first Christmas and I wanted an ornament that says Baby's First Christmas that I could add a photo to. I couldn't really find one that was cheap that I liked so I decided to see if I could make one. I still have to add the photo.

To start off I cut out the shape on a cracker box cardboard piece using my Cricut and the Art Philosophy cartridge. Then I cut the same shape out on some Colonial White card stock. The on one piece I used the sponge to ink the piece with these ink colors: Cranberry, Honey and Fern - starting with the lightest color first. While that dried I cut out some circles of different sizes and used the outside piece as a stencil to ink White Daisy pigment ink over top of the colored inks. Make sure the colors are completely dry before doing this. I did a few layers of the circles, letting each layer completely dry before doing the next layer.

I cut another piece of cardboard and card stock pieces to do the Baby's 1st Noel. Then I wrote on there with our Embossing Pen and sprinkled it full of our Gold Embossing Powder. Make sure to shake off all the extra powder before heating. Using my craft heater I melted the embossing powder on both the title and ornament shape. Make sure to put a glue dot or something under the pieces before heating so it doesn't blow away.

Once everything was all dry I glued it all together using the glue dots and distressed the edges with my Cranberry mini pigment ink. Then I attached the Baker's Twine. I covered the entire ornament in Liquid Glass to make it a bit more sturdy and give it a nice shine. Liquid Glass makes a good adhesive too.

I want to hear from you. What are your Christmas Tree traditions?

Supplies: all supplies used can be purchased here.
Cricut Art Philosophy = 117.75$
Inks (Cranberry, Fern, Honey) = 8.25$
White Daisy Pigment Ink = 9.95$
Card stock (Cranberry, Colonial White) - pack of 24 = 17.25$
Cranberry mini pigment ink (part of Adventure set) = 23.75$
Sponge = 1.50$
Glue Dots = 8.95$
Liquid Glass = 8.25$
All-Purpose Mat = 23.75$
Embossing Pen = discontinued
Princess Gold Embossing Powder = 6.95$
Craft Heater = 41.50$
Cranberry Baker's Twine = discontinued

Your next stop on the Cross Canada Blog Hop is Janet of Works of the Heart.

If you get lost along the way you can head to Michelle's Blog, as she has the complete list.

Thanks for hopping along with us - we hope we were able to inspire you to get creative using some of the designs, products and techniques seen along the way. We hope you will join us again next month when we will feature Where we Create. So mark December 15 2015 on your calendars and hop along with us.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Classes are up & Registration opens to public.

Registration for our Crop for Haiti on February 27 2016 is opening up to the public tomorrow! There are only 35 spots left so make sure to register first thing tomorrow! If you want more information on the crop please click here.

Registration fee is 40$, with 25$ going directly to Haiti - must be paid by December 4th to hold your spot. To register please email me at or phone or text to this number: 204-371-1564. I will need to know the names of people registering, phone number, email address, who you want to sit with, if you want to take any classes and method of payment (can be e-transfer or you can mail cash or check).

These are the classes I will be offering!

One page layout using our new water paint cardstock, water paints and brushes, our Cricut Artistry Set, and our fundamental papers and stickers. The balloons will be pre-cut but you can choose the colors, and the colors of your house and photo mat. Also the title and sentiment :). Cost = 10$

5 cards using our new water paint cardstock, water paints and brushes, stamping, ink, la vie en rose paper, and string. You can use the flower side of the paper or the black and white design or mix and match! There will be 3 different colors of the string available and the two stamp sets featured above available to use. There are so many possibilities! Cost = 10$

Photos available here in our Facebook event

3 two page layouts, a Picture my Life layout and 9 cards using our BRAND NEW not been released yet Charlotte Workshop my Way program. Comes with 12 coordinating patterned paper sheets, cardstock, Charlotte assortment, Charlotte complements and ribbon. No stamping required for the layouts. It's a completely versatile project. You can purchase it to do with me or to take home and do on your own time. I will add the cutting guide. It's beautiful and well worth the money! Cost = 35$ - a great price!

Please let me know if any of these classes interest you! Hope to hear from you bright and early!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

(Soon to be) A published scrapbooker.

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine has asked to publish one of my layouts in their upcoming Spring 2016 issue. I am very honored! This was the first time I submitted a few layouts to their magazine in hopes of getting published. :) 

Honestly though I am quite surprised by the layout they have chosen, it is not one of my favorites. But oh well! I have packed up my layouts and it will be in the mail tomorrow morning! 

Stay tuned to see which layout was chosen! It will be published March 1st 2016. Items used in the layout by Close to my Heart are: cardstock, ink, stamps, journaling pen, watercolor paints & brushes. All these items can be purchased here. Thank you Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine for choosing me!